Tuesday, January 1, 2008

About TripleInt

I am Rajesh Ganesh, M.Tech (CSE) graduate from I.I.T Bombay having 12+ years of experience in the design and development of software for networking devices.

The strong background on system design and automation prompted me to develop a fully automatic trading system or in other words an automatic money machine.

To do that I had to design a trading system first. In that process, based on the NIFTY futures and stock futures, various parameters and technical indicators were used and back tested to find the trading system. One of the most interesting fact was that it was easy to find a system that is 35-40% profitable only.

But the returns and leverage that it gives has tremendous potential and after looking at the results my inquisitiveness grew as to why trades fail on all other days.

Is there a way to circumvent it?
How about a reentry?
What if during a day the low is hit before the high or viceversa?
What will be the impact?
etc etc.,

Having only the end of the day data to implement a day trading system is certainly a bottleneck and also will be mostly inaccurate if traded in real time.

So in order to get a feel of all of the above and also to gain some good amount of knowledge so that things can be automated for positions to be entered and exit out multiple times in a single day, I had to take the mantle of a trader myself.

TripleInt was thus born and based on my experience, combining the analysis of end of the day charts along with intraday charts and timing the entries based on bull or bear trap gave the best results.

To share all that and also the results of endless back testing strategies, creative money management strategies etc., tripleint.com was created.