Monday, November 29, 2010

Nifty 29 Nov 2010

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Nifty showing signs of a short term bounce...

After the bearish expiry week, more of correction was seen last friday as the new series began.

There has been build up in both the near strike puts and calls and 5600 puts and 5800 call and 6000 call saw good build up in open interest. PCR ratio is at 1.11, slightly favouring bulls.

Overall, markets is showing few signs of a short term up move till 5850 levels and beyond and it is a buy on any correction at this stage.

Resistance levels : 5789, 5830, 5895

Support levels : 5750, 5714, 5685

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Monthly Chart - November 2010


Nifty 25th Nov


A neutral day to end the series in which bears took control in the expiry week...

Yesterday again 5985 levels proved to be a strong resistance and bears took complete control from there on and pushed Nifty towards the low of the series around 5826.

Overall markets have opened strong for the day and is hovering near to 5900 levels. Strong resistance exists at 5934 and it is unlikely for markets to break the barrier for the day.
On the bottom side, 5864 is providing support. So it is likely that markets will hover between the levels of 5864 and 5934 for most of the day before bearishness sets in.

There might be a final bearish move for the day, with ONGC correcting significantly.

Resistance levels : 5895, 5906, 5934

Support levels :

5864, 5834, 5786

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A neutral day in the penultimate session for November series

Bears took control initially in yesterday's session and pushed markets to test the key level of 5826 mentioned in which also happened to be the day's low.

The swift up move which came in the later half of the session yesterday is giving a neutral stance in the penultimate session for the series.

There were increase seen in 5900 and 6000 calls which at this stage again favors bears to a good extent. PCR is almost neutral at 1.08.

Resistance levels : 5964, 5985, 6020

Support levels :

5857, 5826, 5786

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bears to take control after a break of 5950 levels...

Yesterday markets saw a strong bounce and a close above 6000 levels and bears might take control from today for this expiry if a break of 5950 levels happens initially.

Options saw huge accumulation in near strike puts and unwinding in ITM calls. There was a wild shift during intraday in implied volatility swinging in favour of bulls and bears alternatively.

Any break of 5985 levels would initially favour bears to a large extent today and a subsequent break of 5950 should see a strong correction towards the levels of 5876.

Resistance levels : 6020, 6036

Support levels : 5950, 5876

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekly Update: Bears to push markets to test further lows after initial up move...

Last week saw markets correcting around 3% to close the week at 5890, a lowest close in nearly two months.

Pattern-wise, it favors bears to a good extent after a complete bearish engulf the previous week. Over the week, options saw implied volatility skew in puts and puts were trading much cheaper when compared to the calls and right now the skew has shifted and is favouring bulls for this session.

Overall bears still have an upperhand and any upmove of today might be followed by a strong correction in the subsequent session.

On friday, there were strong increase in open interest in all the near strike calls and going forward 5985 might act as a strong resistance level for this series.

Resistance levels : 5905, 5957, 5985

Support levels : 5857, 5826, 5786

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